Investment Case

Discovery Metals provides investors with good exposure to copper and silver prices with production from the Boseto operations having commenced in June 2012.  Hosted by the politically stable and highly ranked investment destination of Botswana, the Boseto operations are highly unlikely to be affected by the political, fiscal and natural perils of many other mining investment destinations. 

The Company’s current focus in 2013 is to optimise Boseto by ramping up production and optimising its cost structure to bring it to a steady state cash flow positive operation.

The Company continues exploration across the vast exploration licences in the Kalahari Copperbelt in search of mineralisation that can justify investment of a similar nature – often referred to as “Boseto#2”.  The Company has extensive early stage manganese and other minerals and metals exploration licences in southern Botswana.  The Company also evaluates projects in other mining friendly jurisdictions around the world.