Botswana Profile

Botswana: Africa’s Boom Economy

Since achieving independence in 1966, Botswana has experienced over 40 years of rapid yet sustained and stable economic growth. Supported by strong civilian leadership, social policies and capital investment – the country has maintained one of the world’s highest economic growth rates, with 2010 GDP growth reaching 7.2%.

It rates amongst Africa’s most technologically advanced economies with a fully digital telephony system and mobile phone ownership is high. The Botswanan Government's expenditure on education is ranked in the world’s top 10. This sees an 81.2% total population literacy rate and facilitates civilians to thrive from one of Africa’s highest rates of education.

Botswana also enjoys a growing tourism industry, a busy mineral extraction market and one of Africa's most progressive and comprehensive healthcare programs.

Transforming itself from one of the poorest countries in the world to a vibrant and active middle-income country – Botswana, and its rapidly expanding capital, Gaborone, have earned their respected place at the heart of Africa’s booming economy.